100 Hours of Astronomy

Posted April 2nd, 2009 by admin

Starting today and continueing all week end there will be one hundred hours of continuous astronomy this weekend. This is a global event using 80 telescopes and is like the project for the International Year of Astronomy and as we are having a party at which one astrophysicist and 2 planetary scientists are attending I hope to highjack part of the party for it!

Its technically my husbands 30th birthday party – Logain’s Run themed but we will see 😉 As it clashes with the 24 hour star party’s they are trying to encourage people to run on the 4th of April 🙂

You can view the astronomy live via the internet too which is quiet cool 🙂

Added later: ok so what actually happened is we stood around lamenting the abscence of one of the planetary dudes astrophotographing kit – he didnt bring it as he didnt think we’d have the right sort of batteries – it was his first time to our house :/

You could tell who the planetary/astro people were as we were all huddled around the BBQ’s at 11 pm toasting marshmellows whilst everybody else was inside watching logains run or trying to set up a stuff so they could watch the grand prix the next day.

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