Lunar Excitement!

Posted February 2nd, 2009 by admin

After my dissapointment I had what was potentially another disappointment – I was informed that it wouldn’t be ok for two students to do the same project but then she said she might be able to do something that was more along my interests.

So I sent off an email about micro-organism colonisation of impact rocks which is what I was doing last time I did this course – before I was sick – I also mentioned that I had been classifiying meteorites at the Natural History Mueseum – though this is now so long ago I doubt I can remember anything other than what sulphides verses sulphates look like under reflected light microscopy.

Then came the response that I could have a piece of Katie Joy’s lunar meteorite!!!!! Woooow!!!!

A piece of the moon!!!! It’s a NASA sample and everything – I just really can’t believe this oppurtunity!

I am very very excited about this plus nervous as I know very little about the moon – other than what I learnt whilst writting an essay on Lunar formation last term!

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