A Lunar Disappointment

Posted January 26th, 2009 by admin

I had been umming and ahing about which project to choose for my MRes minni project. There was only one planetary option which involves re-calibrated data from Clementine and one of the other students is planetary and not even geology so it really is the only project she can do.

I checked that you were allowed more than one person on each project but was in two minds anyway – there was a microprobe project that sounded fun – the technique was the sort of thing I want to learn were as the clementine stuff seemed to just be being a data monkey, but the microprobe one was on volcanic rocks and I felt I should really be doing something planetary based.

Anyway the other girl went to see the lecture first and then I went along – we were told to sort out our projects after christmas and this was our first lecture back. So I was not expected to be told off for not having sorted it out weeks back and to be told no I couldn’t do it.

Ashamdely I was actually fighting tears when I returned to the classroom for our lecture. I told the others what had happened and the other girl said he’d told her off too and she was really worried she’d destroyed my chances of doing a descent project.

I then explained that I had another project I could do – one of the other students then came in and said that he couldn’t do his first choice and so was going for the one I had as my back up – eeek!

Again we checked that two people could do the project so now we are awaiting the return of the lecturer who’s project it is.

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