Blood Moon and Shooting Star

Posted March 10th, 2009 by admin

Tonight I went out at twilight with my husband and over the top of our village hung the most fantstic orange moon! It was being lensed by the atmosphere and so appeared absolutly huge!

I was very sad not to be able to get a photo of it from both an observation point of view and an artistic one. I assume there must be alot of sand or something in the atmosphere at the moment to make it that colour – though I havent been following the news lately so I don’t know. I know such things can come from sand storms in the Sahara, volcanic eruptions, large forest fires and unfortunatly the buring of oil as an act of war.

That was on the way out. On the way home at about 6:45 whilst travelling aproximatly south on the A46 just after the Cross Hands roundabout near Gloucester we say a meteor or shooting star. This was bright white with an apparently green tinged tail though Alaric pointed out it still wasn’t properlly dark and may have been an iteraction of light from the blueish twilight sky beyound.

This exelerated us and made me sad that I still haven’t actually done anything in this International Year of Astronomy.

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