Showing the Stars to a 3 yr Old

Posted January 21st, 2009 by admin

Me and my husband run a scout and cub group respectivily and this means we are coming home around 9 o’clock on Wednesdays, we live in the middle of no were and have nice dark clear skies.

Tonight was a buetifully clear night and I took the oppertunity to show my little girl some constellations. We only did this for about ten minutes and only covered five constellations before she said she was cold and we went in for hot chocolate and bed – but I feel it is a beginning.

She is already really interested in the moon and the first scout camp she went on was our space camp though that was when she could bearly walk!

I myself am not really an astronomer and as such find myself learning lots of fun things the more I do with the kids.

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