Happy New Year of Astronomy!

Posted January 1st, 2009 by admin

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, so I thought it was time to start getting into this old interest – I did try last year but we were having our house re-done after the floods the previous year, plus there has been some major domestic reshuffling due to the older members of our family becoming sick and the like.  If your interested in that sort of mundane thing then it can all be read at Snell-Pym, a blog I share with my husband.

Last year I attempted to see lunar eclipse and stayed up half the night making a hook rug but it annoyingly clouded over about an half an hour before hand.  That and doing the astronomy badge and astronautics badge withmy Scout group was as far as I got.

This year has to be different, not only becuase it is a big year for the subject itself but becuase I have returned part time to my studies.  I’m nornamlly a web-consultant but am doing a MRes (Masters of Research) at Birkbeck College.  This were I have to appologise for calling the blog Astronomy – you may have noticed the Geology-Rocks part after it?

Well I AM A GEOLOGIST and all this space stuff why its all just another branch of geology and so I will probably have a slightly different take on things compared to other star gazers.  My life ambitions lerk somewhere in the hazy zone that is Astrobiology and that is what I want to be when I grow up – I also wish to share the wonders of science with everybody but I probably shouldn’t start writing about that here.

I am looking forward to writing this blog – even if it descends into planetary science rather than pure star-gazing – face it thats what is going to happen!

I shall go and find some interesting things to write about and hopefully an astronomy society to join!  So see you soon!

The Dawn of 2009 is being started with an observation of the sun – this afternoon!  Hopefully there will be people with telescopes outside in public areas so that anyone can have a go!  I’m hoping to pop along to the South Kensington in the hope that Imperial College still has an Astro-soc.  One thing I will say about this though is that veiwing the sun can be dangerous so I wouldn’t attempt it on my own – find someone who knows what they are doing – alternatively just look stuff up on the SOHO website.

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